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Media Releases 23 Jun 2023

Kaplan Professional launches MBA-style workshop series for financial services leaders 23 Jun 2023

Leading education provider Kaplan Professional will launch an exciting new national series of corporate workshops designed to...

Leading education provider Kaplan Professional will launch an exciting new national series of corporate workshops designed to unleash dynamic innovation in leadership strategy.

The series of face-to-face workshops will begin next month in Sydney. The MBA-style workshops are ideally suited for leaders of all levels in financial services and other related industries who recognise that the post-pandemic workplace demands dynamism if they are to keep up with the unprecedented and unrelenting pace of change.

The workshops are suitable for the following roles:

  • Business Solution Managers
  • Lead Project Managers
  • Product Development Managers
  • Business Growth Strategists
  • Customer Relationship Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Owners of small enterprises
  • Key decision-makers such as CEOs, COOs, and CMOs

Kaplan Professional Academic Dean Professor James Adonopoulos said the first session titled ‘Data-driven design thinking: how to use data to amplify creativity and innovation at work’ introduces participants to scientifically proven methods of both resolving stubborn problems and attaining important opportunities via the cultivation of ideas that actually work.

“These ideas work because they are underpinned not by intuition, which can often be unreliable, but by the collection and analysis of credible evidence that serves as a more dependable indicator of future success.

“That is precisely what financial services professionals can expect to learn in this workshop which will be delivered by our expert facilitator, Daniel Archibald, who will be illustrating various analytical models and practices that place the needs, motivators and preferences of the customer (or any other stakeholder) at the very centre of the brainstorming and decision-making process.

“This culminates in a more effective and trusted method for the resolution of problems and the acquisition of opportunities,” he said.

Kaplan Professional CEO Brian Knight said the workshops are designed to inspire financial services professionals to continuously upskill as leaders, strategists, operators and decision-makers.

“The three-hour workshop format has been specifically chosen to account for busy financial services professionals who prefer knowledge and skills to be acquired via easily accessible in-person sessions with a relatively shorter duration but that still impart practical need-to-know insights, which are immediately implementable in their workplace.

“Anyone in the financial services industry seeking to strengthen their competitive advantage and value proposition should register to attend.

“This includes those who might be struggling to resolve an especially difficult challenge, or who wish to take advantage of an imminent opportunity, or who find themselves responsible for a strategy, project or team in need of
reinvigoration and reimagination,” he said.

Other workshops in the series due to be launched in the coming months include ‘The psychology of persuasion and influence’, ‘Essential skills for leaders of remote teams’, and ‘Managing up for career agility’, all of which will be hosted across numerous Australian capital cities.

About workshop one

Date: Thursday, 13 July

Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm (AEST)

Where: Level 2, 55 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

Facilitator: Daniel Archibald

Outcomes: (1) Six steps for the creative resolution of organisational problems; (2) Four types of innovation and their generation of a competitive edge; (3) The role of work teams in ensuring design thinking’s strategic success; (4) Four factors to cultivate a truly innovative work environment; (5) Optimal sources of data to incorporate in the design thinking process

Price: $350 (inc. GST) per person | corporate rates available for groups of 11+

Registrations for the first workshop in the series are now open and places are limited. For more information or to secure your place, please visit:


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