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Media Releases 6 Mar 2024

Kaplan Professional launches one-of-a-kind Master of Financial Services 6 Mar 2024

In what is believed to be the only course of its kind in Australia and perhaps the world, leading industry education provider Kaplan Professional has launched a dedicated Master of Financial Services.

In what is believed to be the only course of its kind in Australia and perhaps the world, leading industry education provider Kaplan Professional has launched a dedicated Master of Financial Services.

The Master of Financial Services is supported by nested postgraduate courses, including the Graduate Diploma of Financial Services and Graduate Certificate in Financial Services.

All three postgraduate courses have been recently approved by the national regulator, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), and are available for enrolment now:

A key component of the course design is unmatched flexibility, with the freedom to select from 39 elective subjects from Kaplan Professional’s postgraduate financial planning and applied finance offerings.

The wide-ranging pool of electives covers areas such as financial advice (self-managed superannuation funds, debt strategies and aged care), corporate finance, investment analysis, project management and business intelligence.

Two new core subjects have also been introduced (FIS101 – Introduction to Financial Services and FIS102 – Industry Project – Financial Services) to help individuals explore and further understand Australia’s contemporary financial services landscape, including working on a case-study project relevant to their current business or role.

The diverse customisation options of the Master of Financial Services and nested postgraduate courses makes it especially suitable for large financial institutions who are eager to upskill their employees in a way that is suited to an organisation’s strategic objectives, product portfolio, case studies and unique context.

“Kaplan Professional has been synonymous with financial services education for decades in Australia and this reputation is now being reinforced with our launch of the only Master of Financial Services course in this country,” said Kaplan Professional CEO Brian Knight.

“Given Australia has such a diverse financial services sector, we believe there was a great calling for customisable and flexible postgraduate courses that specifically address the broader sector as a whole – whether that be in banking, superannuation, asset management and investment, compliance and regulation, insurance, wealth management, and innovation and technology.

“One of the key reasons we introduced the Master of Financial Services was due to feedback from many of our longstanding corporate clients who were looking for an industry-specific MBA of sorts – one that is designed to challenge individuals to go beyond the technical and learn the capabilities and skills to stand out from their peers as a changemaker, innovative thinker and financial services leader.

“It has become clear to us at Kaplan Professional that the sector sees the value of education and corporate organisations investing in the learning and development of their employees; it enhances professionalism, fosters innovation, and contributes to the success of individuals and organisations in an increasingly complex and everchanging financial services landscape,” he said.

Kaplan Professional Academic Dean Professor James Adonopoulos said the Master of Financial Services would benefit a wide range of corporate organisations and industry stakeholders.

“This is an important milestone for the financial services industry because it also introduces unprecedented opportunities for employers to customise the course when funding it on behalf of their employees because nine of the 12 subjects can be selected from a pool of 39 electives.

“If none of those 39 elective subjects are suitable, our academic experts can work with employers to design new subjects that are.

“For those desiring a shorter commitment to postgraduate study, we have simultaneously launched a Graduate Certificate in Financial Services with just four subjects or a Graduate Diploma of Financial Services with eight – either way, the opportunity for employer-influenced customisation remains the same.

“We expect this suite of postgraduate financial services courses to be especially popular among those either seeking to enter the financial services industry, or who wish to advance their already well-established career, by complementing their bachelor’s degree with what is a truly one-of-a-kind postgraduate course,” he said.

Financial services professionals pursuing these new postgraduate courses through either an individual or organisation-sponsored enrolment will benefit from a comprehensive curriculum, access to industry experts, and a hands-on, practical and relevant learning experience.

The 100 per cent online courses have been designed so that individuals learn in an engaging and innovative environment, which contains a vast range of digital modules, discussion forums, resources and videos with practical and relevant learning outcomes that are immediately applicable in the workplace.

Kaplan Professional offers six annual intakes, enabling financial services professionals the flexibility to balance their studies with their personal and professional commitments.

Enrolments for the Master of Financial Services, Graduate Diploma of Financial Services and Graduate Certificate in Financial Services are open now.

While enrolments are open for Kaplan Professional’s current intake (Study Period 2) until 20 March, further intakes for this year are available in April, July, August and October.


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