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Media Releases 15 Feb 2022

New online short course addresses trauma and mental health concerns in the workplace 15 Feb 2022

As the prevalence of trauma and its associated impacts on mental health continues to surge in the workplace and across society, leading online education provider Kaplan Professional has released...

As the prevalence of trauma and its associated impacts on mental health continues to surge in the workplace and across society, leading online education provider Kaplan Professional has released a dedicated new short course to help address these concerns.

Recognising Trauma and its Impact in the Workplace has been designed specifically for individuals in the workplace who may be interacting with colleagues or clients, or managing staff impacted by any type of trauma.

The relevant and timely short course has been designed by internationally-renowned behavioural scientist Milo-Arne Wilkinson, who is the Founder and Program Director of Kaplan Professional’s neuroscience-based ELEVEN executive leadership programs, with input from Kaplan Australia senior academics.

It is available through Ontrack, Kaplan Professional’s market-leading continuing education platform for a retail price of $250 per person. The six topics covered, each taking one hour to complete, include:

  1. Introduction to trauma identification
  2. Your implicit biases
  3. Impact of trauma on the brain
  4. Identification of possible trauma
  5. What to do once potential identification of trauma has been made
  6. Speaking with someone who may have trauma

Kaplan Professional Chief Executive Officer Brian Knight said the short course had become even more relevant due to the effects and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and would alert leaders, people managers and colleagues to be proactive in their behaviours towards others.

“The short course will provide insight into traumatic behaviour and the ability to identify possible trauma in others to best manage the working situation and support the individual, which may include referral to a health professional such as a counsellor or psychologist.

“It offers participants knowledge of the responsibilities they have towards others experiencing trauma and suggestions for adhering to the principles of trauma-informed care to ensure they ‘do no harm’.

“From a workplace perspective, it provides practical and structural approaches to facilitate environments that allow people to be effectively supported throughout their experience and management of trauma.

“We know the challenges of the pandemic have only amplified the burden of trauma and its impact on mental health and stress for many people. In these situations, the workplace can often be a place of healing.

“The purpose of Recognising Trauma and its Impact in the Workplace is to help organisations consider a traumainformed approach to help their employees feel safe, supported and empowered to take steps into the new normal with greater confidence,” he said.

Recognising Trauma and its Impact in the Workplace is ideally suited to business leaders, HR managers and people managers across any industry, as well as those in client-facing roles such as sales managers, account managers, financial advisers, mortgage brokers, and stockbrokers to name a few.

Enrolments for the short course are available now and the first module is available as a free sample. Competitive corporate pricing can be negotiated to suit an organisation’s requirements.


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