SMS003 SMSF Strategic Advice

This subject provides an understanding of where strategic advice opportunities exist for trustees/members that have SMSFs or are interested in setting one up. It examines the practical stages or steps required to realise each of the opportunities explored using examples and case studies.

The subject explores complex strategies that can be utilised by an SMSF at various stages of its lifecycle. In particular, students will conduct an in-depth analysis of the sophisticated financial instruments available and how they can assist with achieving SMSF fund goals and objectives.

For more information, please refer to the subject outline.

  • Learning Outcomes
    • At the completion of this subject, students should be able to:

      • Elaborate on the differences and similarities between SMSF strategic financial advice and comprehensive SMSF financial advice, with reference to the literature.
      • Research and explain the strategic purpose of a range of contemporary SMSF strategies.
      • Model a range of strategies to achieve fund/trustee objectives.
      • Explain to trustees the identified strategy, the associated benefits, risks and restrictions and how it supports the SMSF strategic objective.
  • Subject Content
    • Topic Title
      Topic 1 Identifying SMSF strategic advice opportunities
      Topic 2 Limited recourse borrowing arrangements
      Topic 3 Alternatives to gearing
      Topic 4 Insurance inside versus outside an SMSF
      Topic 5 Investment strategies in an SMSF
      Topic 6 Small business CGT relief
      Topic 7 SMSF estate planning
      Topic 8 Pensions
      Topic 9 Personal succession

  • CPD
  • Assessment
  • Pre-requisites
  • Reading List
    • Prescribed Text

      Leow, J, Murphy, S & CCH Australia Limited 2017, Australian Master Superannuation Guide 2017/18, 21st edn, CCH Australia, Sydney.

      Retailers of educational books include Co-op Bookshop and Boffins Bookshop. Texts can also be borrowed from the Kaplan library or other libraries. Details of required and further reading are provided in the subject room.  Purchase of any text other than a prescribed text is not required.