Rudy Soobaroyen

Rudy Soobaroyen completed Kaplan Professional’s Master of Applied Finance in 2023 with a distinction average

“I feel very confident of my abilities, particularly in academic research, risk management, banking and regulation within the Australian framework. I am very eager to apply my newly-acquired knowledge in the workplace.”

Rudy Soobaroyen

Courses: Master of Applied Finance (Distinction)

What made you choose Kaplan Professional over other providers

Kaplan Professional is highly-regarded within the industry. What drew me to Kaplan Professional was the fact that their postgraduate programs are renowned for their focus on applying complex theoretical concepts in today’s modern world. The contemporary education model adopted by Kaplan Professional is unique and offers pathways for a growth mindset. The institution offers a pragmatic alternative to postgraduate studies, as opposed to some of the other universities and higher education providers.

You’ve completed a lot of qualifications and hold many designations. Why did you choose to study the Master of Applied Finance?

A masters degree was actually the missing piece in my list of qualifications. I was particularly inspired to enrol in the Master of Applied Finance following the birth of my daughter in April 2022, and I was very motivated to achieve a master degree in Australia.

Having completed the CPA Program and CFA® Program respectively in 2011 and 2016, I felt I was adequately equipped to do well in the professional world. However, I have always wanted to complete a masters degree in finance to further progress my career. My passion for economics and finance has also been the motivating source. Kaplan Professional’s Master of Applied Finance has offered me the academic background I needed at postgraduate level. I was particularly attracted to the degree’s focus on the Australian regulatory, banking sector and financial services.

My mum has worked in the banking sector for 39 years. Kaplan Professional’s Master of Applied Finance represented a stepping-stone for shaping up my career in a similar fashion.

The course and subjects I chose have led to advanced knowledge in contemporary finance issues and applied risk management. I also have aspirations to potentially undertake the PhD pathway and coordinate further research in finance and economics.

Describe your study experience – what were you favourite aspects and what did you benefit most from?

I was particularly challenged by my abilities to multi-task and achieve various strategic objectives within limited time. Being a father of three very young children and working full-time, I had very limited time available for studies. Hence, every moment of free time was an opportunity for me to study and work on my assignments and projects. I remember spending hours on the public transport system, reading through the study materials. Whenever I would be somewhere waiting, I would have my notes handy and go through them.

The greatest benefit of the Master of Applied Finance was definitely the flexibility it offered in terms of guided weekly preparation. I could effectively organise my study time outside my busy working and family hours. I was also able to flexibly work through and complete my assignments and projects by the submission deadline.

The ability to enrol across six study periods was also another feature that I particularly enjoyed. I actually used it to my advantage by working hard at completing my units and assignments early.

I particularly enjoyed the drop-in sessions, which represented opportunities to engage directly with the lecturer on difficult topics or areas of the subject.

The student support, particularly the Student Experience and Course Advice teams, was of significant benefit to me throughout my study journey with Kaplan Professional.

Has what you learned in the Master of Applied Finance helped you throughout your career?

I’m confident it will help me to be more marketable and also grow my network. Having an Australian masters degree in applied finance together with my ACCA, CPA and CFA® will definitely give me a very competitive edge. I believe it will also open up new doors for both academic and professional success.

What would be your advice to other students who are thinking of studying the Master of Applied Finance?

I would encourage students to start early – Kaplan Professional offers the unique flexibility to get familiar with a subject and its content between two and four weeks before the actual official start date of the study period.

It is also important to be very diligent and disciplined on covering every material within each subject. This provides an exciting learning experience and unique opportunity to grow professionally.

More importantly, I would encourage students to have fun and make the most of their learning experience by regularly navigating across the subject materials and KapLearn platform. Kaplan Professional is an institution that has its footprints everywhere around the world – I have been already able to connect with alumni from different parts of the world.

How do you feel now that you’ve completed the degree?

I feel very confident of my abilities, particularly in academic research, risk management, banking and regulation within the Australian framework. I am very eager to apply my newly-acquired knowledge in the workplace. Interestingly, I feel that my professional and academic writing skills have significantly improved.

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