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Jarred Lobb

Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance

The knowledge I gained in financial markets, ethics, law and regulations has opened doors to a world of opportunities.

In a world driven by innovation and ambition, the need for continuous learning and growth is crucial for success. Meet Jarred Lobb, a determined and driven individual who embarked on a journey of knowledge and professional development with Kaplan Professional’s Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance to support his drive to skyrocket his career and reach new heights. 


Why did Jarred choose to study with Kaplan Professional?  

It all boils down to three words: reputation, career goals and flexibility. Knowing that he would be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to excel in his chosen field was an opportunity he couldn’t resist. 


The flexibility offered by Kaplan Professional’s online platform allowed him to seamlessly juggle his studies with his full-time job and personal commitments. Quick responses to his queries provided him with the guidance and reassurance he needed to stay on track with his studies. 


So, what advice does Jarred have for those considering studying with Kaplan Professional?  

He urges new students to create a comprehensive study plan that accommodates their other commitments. By doing this, they can effectively manage their time and make the most out of their educational journey. Additionally, utilising the ‘build your skills’ resources from the onset and referring back to them throughout the courses will greatly enhance someone’s understanding and retention of the material. 


As Jarred progressed in his studies, his newfound knowledge and understanding of financial markets, ethics, law and regulations opened up a world of opportunities for him. With this comprehensive understanding, he was able to better ascertain how institutions function and interact with one another, giving him a competitive edge in the professional world. 


In conclusion, at the time of publishing this testimonial, Jarred is not only enjoying the course but eagerly looking forward to the next subject. His story highlights the transformative power of education and the invaluable support and flexibility provided by Kaplan Professional.  

Join Jarred and discover the limitless possibilities that await you at Kaplan Professional.