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Daniel Jackson

Master of Financial Planning

Kaplan Professional offered a flexible course structure with a wealth of subject material that allowed me to study while raising a family and excelling in my career.

Daniel Jackson

After an eye-opening personal injury, successful tradesman Daniel Jackson decided to reassess his career path and pursue a 20-year long dream.

When we’re young, we’re asked, ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ For many people, that answer is constantly changing. The idea of altering the direction of your career journey later in life seems intimidating yet finding the right path can be incredibly rewarding. Having started his first business at the age of 17, ambition knows no limits for established financial planner Daniel Jackson.

In 1999, Daniel Jackson launched United Entity, an insulation installation business. Over the next 12 years, the business had flourished. However, Daniel’s impending health problems were growing in the background – making it difficult for him to complete daily duties. He found himself losing purpose and passion in his role. Seeking a fresh start, the first step towards his new career goal was enrolling in Kaplan Professional’s Diploma of Financial Planning.

“Having the time and commitment to study did not seem like an option until I enrolled with Kaplan Professional in 2011,” he said. “Within two years of making the step, I achieved my Diploma of Financial Planning and started my career in financial services,” he said.

Financial Planners are often driven to enter the profession due to their desire to help others in need. Attesting to this, Daniel says his own personal struggle was what encouraged him to give back to others. “Stepping away from my own business, I found myself gravitating towards becoming a financial planner because it’s a role where I could do the most good for other people’s lives with what I have to offer,” he said.

Today, Daniel’s a successful financial planner with Modern You Financial Planners. A typical day consists of preparing for upcoming client consultations, completing administration work and providing ongoing financial advice to a vast client base. He believes the skills he has gained throughout his time with Kaplan Professional have improved the quality and nature of his work to the point where he sets the standards.

“With each subject I completed, my colleagues could see the quality of my work improve,” he said. “The advice I provide to my clients increased to the point where I was setting the standards.”

Dedicating his focus and energy towards study, it wasn’t long before he was awarded National Dux of the Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning in 2017. “Enrolling with Kaplan Professional, first in the Diploma of Financial Planning and then into the Graduate Certificate of Financial Planning, was an investment in my future,” Daniel said.

Daniel followed that up in 2018 by achieving his 20-year dream of attaining a Graduate Diploma. “I went from nearly dying in hospital to receiving an email from Brian Knight, the CEO of Kaplan Professional, asking me to speak at the Melbourne Graduation Ceremony,” he pondered.

Earlier this year, Daniel went on to complete his Master of Financial Planning despite all his commitments. “Choosing to undertake further study has propelled me and my business forward,” he said. “I’ve given over 260 hours back to my community, I’m mentoring others and increasing my client base. It has encouraged me to continue to invest in myself and my education.”

According to Jackson, healthy work and life balance has been easier than he initially thought. “Kaplan Professional offered a flexible course structure with a wealth of subject material that allowed me to study while raising a family and excelling in my career,” he said.

“Going to university full-time was never an option, especially with a young family … Kaplan Professional’s online flexibility and student support has allowed me to achieve this goal,” he said. They’ve opened new opportunities and dreams that I never thought were possible, like achieving a masters degree.”

Daniel believes one of the biggest challenges has been facing the dynamic nature of the industry and staying ahead of the constant industry change. That’s why he’s a strong believer in the value of ongoing study and further qualifications. “There are days when things can get repetitive or mundane. You have to stay focused on what you want and why you’re doing what you do,” he said. “I’m a big supporter of Kaplan Professional and I recommend their courses to everyone, from professionals looking to excel in their careers to young adults looking at options when leaving school.”

Throughout his student life, Daniel has learnt a few tips and tricks that he believes have helped excel his study routine. However, his number one study tip for current students is to understand the importance of learning and never give up. “No matter how overwhelmed you may feel – every page you read, every answer you write brings you one step closer to achieving your goals; it’s worth it,” he said.

In future, Jackson hopes he can play a part in shaping the next generation. “Using the skills and experience I’ve gained from Kaplan Professional, I’d like to one day be in a position where I can teach and mentor new aspirants wanting to start a career as a financial adviser,” he said. “I want to make a positive impact on the financial services industry.”

Daniel is one of many people who have chosen to take a new direction later in their career through study with Kaplan Professional. From the initial phone discussion to dealing with a friendly and knowledgeable professional who understands your study needs, individuals often find comfort in the level of student support provided.

“In all honesty, if it wasn’t for Kaplan Professional, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am now,” Jackon said.  “There’s no solid guide on how to enter the industry or change career paths, and I feel like the qualification provided me with the guidance I needed at the time. Kaplan Professional’s online study program, friendly tutors and staff made studying very rewarding.”

Jackson reminds us all it’s never too late to change the direction of your life for the better. “Along the way, I’ve learned to appreciate both the big and small things in life,” he said. “When it comes to your career, the journey’s just as important as the final destination. I’d like to thank Kaplan Professional for changing my life. I’ve become the sort of person I’ve always dreamed I would be.”