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Things successful people do every morning

Have you ever wondered why some people are just so damn successful? Is it something they eat or drink… are they blessed with incredible luck? Maybe; but they aren’t great attributors to success. Successful people encompass a number of qualities; one of these is what they do every morning. We’re not saying every successful person does the below, but a fair few do … so, get inspired!
Have you noticed that poor self-control and lapses in decision-making often come later in the day? That’s because early mornings offer a new dose of willpower and people tend to be more optimistic and ready to tackle challenging tasks.

Wake up earlier: Get your hand off that snooze button! Jump out of bed because let’s face it, that extra 10 minutes isn’t going to make a difference. Time is a precious commodity, so make the most of your […read more]

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Five different leadership styles

Following on from our last post on qualities that make an effective leader, we’re sticking to the leadership theme. This post, we’re discussing different leadership styles. Different types of leadership styles exist in work environments; each style has its advantages and disadvantages. The culture and goals of a specific organisation determines which leadership style fits best. However, different countries and cultures tend to prefer certain leadership styles due to cultural, societal and economic norms.
Transformational leadership is a style of leadership where the leader is charged with identifying the needed change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration and executing the change with the support of committed employees. Employees are motivated and enhance productivity and efficiency through communication and high visibility. This requires the involvement of management to focus on the big […read more]

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Qualities that make an effective leader

Can you believe we’re already approaching the second quarter of the year? Perhaps some of you have leadership and management aspirations this year … maybe you’re looking to inspire your team to achieve above and beyond organisational goals? This blog discusses leadership in the workplace and is relevant to current and future leaders. In today’s competitive business environment, effective leadership is a critical requirement in order to achieve strategic goals.
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Simply being in a leadership position doesn’t make somebody a good leader. While some people are born leaders, there are certain traits that effective leaders possess that provide inspiration, motivation and clear direction to their employees.
Honesty is the foundation of any personal and professional relationship. People want to work for a leader they can trust; a leader that has morals, […read more]

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How to take advantage of changing times in your career

We are living in a time of constant change. Change in one’s career can strike at any time. Did you know? 1 in 4 workers has been with their employer for less than 1 year, while 1 in 2 workers have been with their employer less than 5 years.
When you start to see change occur in your career you may view this as an opportunity. It’s important to regularly stop and re-assess your goals; where do you want to be and what do you want to achieve.
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There are many life strategies to help you grow and to better change your current situation:

Be innovative: it may be time to review your career and ascertain what some of the gaps are. Do you need to upskill?  To stand out from the competition you may need to undertake training or a […read more]

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How to be more assertive at work

In the early months of 2015 we’re trying to inspire you to perform better in a professional environment. This results in productivity, better working relations, career progression and a better sense of well-being. So far we’ve posted blogs on the importance of personal brands, being more confident at work and the benefits of postgraduate study. This week, we’re giving you tips on a difficult skill to muster: assertiveness.
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What is assertiveness?
Assertiveness is a communication style. It is being able to express your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions in an open manner that doesn’t violate the rights of others.
Often wrongly confused with aggression, assertive individuals aim to be neither passive nor aggressive in their interactions with other people.
Assertiveness enables an individual to act in their own best interests, to stand up for themselves […read more]

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Why you should consider online postgraduate study

You’ve got your degree. You’ve gained some experience in the workplace. Are you aspiring to a senior position, but don’t quite have the credentials to support your application? Perhaps it’s time to consider postgraduate study.
Many individuals undertake postgraduate study in an effort to increase their chances of securing a better role in their field. Not only does postgraduate study refine specific knowledge and skills, it has also been shown to greatly improve the transferable skills and qualities sought by employers.
Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that postgraduate study can have on your career advancement and professional development.

Work-related transferable skills in managing projects, working in teams, speaking publicly and giving presentations
Increasing your technical ability and knowledge in a particular discipline
Networking opportunities
Higher starting salary and faster career progression in subsequent years
Opportunity to empower […read more]

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Why is confidence in the workplace important and how do I improve mine?

Ask the majority of people for their advice on how to do well at work, and they’ll more than likely answer with something along the lines of “be more confident”.
Confidence is a fine line though. Be perceived as too confident by too many and you’ll be earmarked as arrogant. On the other hand, being too modest and not saying enough might result in you giving off the perception you’re lacking in confidence.
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What is confidence and why is it important?
Essentially, confidence is knowing what you’re good at, the value you provide, and acting in a way that conveys that to those around you.
Its importance is justified in recent research, which shows when people are put in situations where they are expected to not do well, their performance plunges. Quite literally, they get into […read more]

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The importance of a strong personal brand

Have you ever wondered about other people’s perception of you inside and outside of the workplace?
Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos once said, “your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” Sure, you can’t control what other people say behind your back, but you can enhance their perception of your professional skills.
Why is a strong personal brand important?
Personal branding is becoming increasingly important because modern consumers tend to trust people more than corporations. Therefore, a strong professional brand is the foundation for a lengthy and fulfilling career. Demonstrating to employers how you are unique and relevant can maximise your potential as an employee, while enhancing their perception of your professional skills and technical ability. Additionally, personal branding allows you to establish a reputation and an identity while […read more]

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Three tips to communicate effectively in the workplace

 Some people are natural communicators; others take time to develop these skills. Whether or not you’re already an effective communicator, we’ve compiled a few tips that may help you out.
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1. Listen
Effective communication isn’t just about delivering a clear and concise message. Good listening is integral to communication; it’s all about exchange. Focus on the message being received, which listening not only to the words being spoken but how they are being spoken and the non-verbal messages sent with them. Listening can also help ensure you know what everyone is thinking.

2. Clarity
Speak with direction. If you waffle on or are uncertain with what you are saying, others are less likely to listen to you. If you’re communicating to large group or something important, jot down exactly what you need to say. […read more]

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How can you better manage your work / life / study balance?

Managing your professional and personal goals often feels like an impossible task.
How can you manage all of your commitments, while feeling satisfied with all?
Work-life balance means something different to every individual, but here we share tips to help you find the balance that’s right for you.
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Time management
As someone who is juggling work, study, family and social commitments, your time is limited and valuable. This is where a schedule or timetable can be useful:

Take the time to plan weekly
Set achievable personal and professional goals
Have you considered waking up earlier in the morning? Some of the world’s most successful and productive people are early risers.
Reward yourself for achieving daily and /or weekly goals
Timetable more challenging tasks for when you are most alert
Make time for every commitment. Don’t let one facet of […read more]

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