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Embracing festive downtime: Making the most of the holidays | Kaplan Professional 21 Dec 2023

While unwinding is essential, this downtime also offers an opportunity for growth. Online learning has never been more accessible, and spending time studying or exploring new courses can be a rewarding way to make the most of the break.

As the festive season rolls in, so does the much-needed downtime —a precious pause from the usual hustle and bustle of daily life. Amidst the shimmering lights and warm weather, this downtime allows for a chance to recharge, reflect and reconnect. Whether diving into hobbies, exploring online studies, cherishing family moments, or prioritising self-care, this holiday season is also an opportunity for personal growth.

One of the most enticing aspects of the Aussie festive break is indulging in activities that might have taken a backseat throughout the year. It’s the perfect time to immerse yourself in hobbies you’ve neglected, whether it’s painting, surfing, fishing, camping (just to name a few!), or delving into a captivating book series. Immersing yourself in the stunning landscapes not only provides a delightful change of scenery but also might provide a refreshing shift from the usual corporate office settings.

While unwinding is essential, this downtime also offers an opportunity for growth. Online learning has never been more accessible, and spending time studying or exploring new courses can be a rewarding way to make the most of the break. Whether acquiring new skills, exploring different industries, or mastering your trade, this period offers an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

How do I know whether online study is right for me? Great question…

Online learning has a number of benefits, including;

  • Flexibility and convenience: You can study at your own pace whenever and wherever you like, and fit your study schedule around your life instead of the other way around.
  • Affordability: You can continue to work and earn a salary while you study, and your costs are actually less as you don’t have to incur any expenses related to attending face-to-face classes.
  • Customised learning environment: Tailor your study space to suit your preferences, creating an ideal atmosphere for focused learning.
  • Variety of available courses: From the wide-ranging realm of applied finance to specialist areas in financial planning, the diversity of options caters to varied interests and career aspirations.
  • Access to expertise: Online courses can provide access to industry experts and the best minds in your field of study, regardless of their physical location.

Kaplan Professional leads the way in online financial services education. As well as providing you with the very latest online learning resources and technology, we offer ongoing support and are there for our students every step of the way. Our suite of postgraduate courses in financial planning and applied finance are industry-renowned and market-leading.

We can help you to stand out in the highly competitive finance sector. Check out the four industry in demand specialisation options in our highly flexible Master of Applied Finance course. If you’re interested in furthering your finance education and career goals, use our new course finder to explore and discover the right course for you.

Moving on…

Let’s not overlook the joy of spending quality time with loved ones. Amidst the festive rush, these holidays provide an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, creating treasured memories.

Lastly, prioritise self-care. Take the time to relax, practice mindfulness, or simply enjoy the summer vibes. Treat yourself to a beach day or unwind with a cool drink while basking in the warmth of the season.

In essence, festive downtime is a precious gift. Whether it’s exploring hobbies, studying online, bonding with loved ones, or practicing self-care, make this holiday season a time of rejuvenation and personal growth.


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