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Mastering online study: Top tips for Kaplan Professional students 27 Jun 2024

Studying from anywhere and at any time provides you the flexibility to progress your education around your life and current commitments. We know there’s nothing more helpful for your exams and assessments than learning your study style.

To help you make the most of this opportunity, we’ve put together some valuable study tips to boost your motivation and efficiency.

1. Create a dedicated study space

Establishing a designated study area signals your brain it’s time to focus. Personalise it with inspiring elements to make it conducive to learning. Keep distractions at bay to enhance concentration.

2. Set realistic goals

Break down your coursework into manageable goals. Create a weekly or monthly schedule that includes specific study targets. Celebrate small victories to stay motivated and maintain a positive outlook.

3. Embrace technology

Leverage Kaplan Professional’s online resources and tools. Familiarise yourself with your student portal and subject room, interactive materials, and discussion forums. Engage with your peers and instructors to enhance your understanding and broaden your perspective. 

4. Prioritise self-care

Maintain a healthy balance between study and self-care. Schedule breaks, exercise, and social activities to recharge your mind. Adequate sleep and a nutritious diet also contribute significantly to cognitive function, so make sure you prioritise self-care to enhance your ability to focus.

5. Stay connected

Although you’re studying online, you’re not alone. Join study groups, participate in online forums, and connect with fellow students. Networking not only enhances your understanding but also provides a sense of community.

6. Time management is key

Efficient time management is crucial for online students. Break your study sessions into focused intervals. One example is the Pomodoro technique. Track your progress regularly and adjust your schedule accordingly. 

7. Reward yourself

Incorporate rewards into your study routine. After completing a challenging module or meeting a goal, treat yourself to something enjoyable. This positive reinforcement reinforces the connection between hard work and personal satisfaction. 

By implementing these study tips, you’re not just completing a course; you’re mastering the art of online learning. Kaplan Professional is here to support you every step of the way on your educational journey. Good luck and happy studying! 


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