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Five steps to take after completing your qualification

There’s nothing more exciting than the sense of accomplishment after completing a course. It’s the chance to take what you have learned and apply it to the real world.

There’s nothing more exciting than the sense of accomplishment after completing a course. It’s the chance to take what you have learned and apply it to the real world. However, many individuals are often left wondering what to do next. Here are five steps to take after attaining your qualification…

1. Discover your pathway

Have you got a strategy? No hope, aim or goal is achievable without a plan. Make sure you’re prepared for your next endeavour. Identify where you want to be in a few years’ time and how you’re going to get there. After finishing an entry-level qualification, you may need work experience – look to secure your role by keeping your résumé up to date and actively looking for opportunities. If you’ve completed a further qualification, you could turn to mentors or senior team members for guidance on how to move up your organisation’s ladder. Whatever your long-term goal or purpose, be strategic and proactive in your approach to get there.

2. Sustain your knowledge

You can never learn too much. When growing within the workforce, it can be easy to gloss over the skills and knowledge you gained through further education. Remember the value of your qualification and aim to refresh your knowledge regularly. This could mean brushing up on course material you’ve kept or regularly undertaking short courses. Some of the brightest and most intelligent minds in the world have a thirst for knowledge and are always looking to upskill.

3. Maintain your momentum

Many treat finishing a qualification as the end of the journey rather than the start of a new one. Drive is what pushes individuals to excel within their field and nothing is more important than maintaining your momentum. Find the role you’re looking for by searching for opportunities aligned with your course or take your knowledge to the next level by pursuing a further qualification. Connect with or seek advice from established professionals within your field to help gain a sense of direction.

4. Keep your connections

One of the best things about returning to study is the people you meet. Forming solid and strong bonds can help expand your social and professional network. When finishing your qualification, remember to stay in touch with the people you meet and value the connections you’ve made. This can be as easy as connecting on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Small gestures can mean big things to others.

5. Remember to reflect

Experiences like completing a qualification or course can refresh your perspective because you can’t move forward without recognising where you’ve come. It’s a significant achievement and it’s important you take the time to reflect on your accomplishment. Acknowledging your own successes means you’re owning who you are and channelling that vision into creating a better version of yourself. Not only will this provide you with added motivation to continue your upward trajectory, it will help you set and achieve future goals.

No matter where your qualification takes you, remember to always maintain a determined and focused attitude towards your career. Continue to seek out new opportunities to grow your professional development and stay positive about where the future could take you. What steps did you take after completing your qualification? Share your experience below to help inspire others!


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