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CFA® Program Information

The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) Program is a globally recognised standard for professionals in the financial services industry. The CFA charter is given by the CFA Institute. The first charter was awarded in 1963; the program is over 50 years old.

For more information, please visit Kaplan Schweser is not affiliated with the CFA Institute. Kaplan Schweser is an independent educational training firm and assists candidates in preparing for the CFA exam.

To qualify for the award of the CFA charter, the CFA Institute has the following requirements:

  1. Pass the sequence of three exams, referred to as CFA Level I, CFA Level II, and CFA Level III. These are administered several times a year. You can only take the next level exam after passing the previous level exam. There must be at least six months between each attempt.
  2. Accrue 4,000 hours of relevant work experience, completed in a minimum of 36 months. Qualifying hours must include work experience directly relating to the investment decision-making process or producing a work product that informs or adds value to that process. Full-time, part-time, and remote work can qualify.
  3. Two to three professional references are to be provided to the CFA Institute.
  4. Fulfil the CFA Institute membership requirements, which includes membership with the CFA Institute, as well as a CFA Institute Member Society Chapter.
  5. After becoming a charterholder, the candidate must comply with the CFA Institute’s policies and other requirements.
  6. Have a valid international passport (required for enrolment and exam registration).

Additional details can be found here.

You can register for the CFA Program online. Contact the CFA Institute for more information.



Phone: 0011-800-8228-8820 (from Australia)

Starting from a general body of knowledge, the CFA Institute assigns a set of readings from textbooks and journal articles for different subject areas: economics, ethics, equity, corporate finance, accounting/financial statement analysis, fixed income securities, markets, portfolio management, and quantitative methods.

Each reading has a set of learning outcomes and the CFA Institute constructs these learning outcome statements to focus the candidate’s study efforts on particular topics within a particular reading.

Pass rates for the exams vary from year to year and from level to level. Visit the CFA Institute for more information.

While it can be possible to pass all three exams within 18 months, it usually takes people longer due to their other time commitments, such as a full-time job, etc. The average time to complete the three exams is over four years. Our goal is to help you minimise this time commitment.

The CFA Institute’s Prep Provider Guidelines do not allow us to publish or communicate pass rates in any provider materials.

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