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Studying with Kaplan Professional

Kaplan Professional offers both higher education courses (tertiary courses above a bachelor-level degree) and vocational education courses (work-related courses teaching industry-specific skills and knowledge). 

Vocational education courses do not have set start dates, meaning you can enrol and begin studying at any time. 

Higher education or postgraduate students benefit from six annual study periods. This means you can plan ahead and study when it suits you. A new study period commences every two months, overlapping slightly from the previous, so you can pace your studies to achieve your goals within your desired timeframe. View key dates here.

Visit the Higher Education Study Essentials page for details about study periods, assessment and exams and other key information.  If you have more questions, please book a phone consultation at a time that works for you or submit an enquiry now. 

If you are enrolling with us for the first time, the quickest and easiest way to get started is visit our enrol page and set up an account with us.

The enrolment process is the same whether you are planning to study a higher education or vocational education course.

You will need to create an account is a valid email address and Unique Student Identifier (USI)  if the course or qualification is nationally recognised training or higher education.

Visit for more details about USIs. 


Here is a useful checklist to help you enrol for a higher education course: 

Check the entry requirements

Our higher education courses have minimum entry requirements such as education levels, proficiency in English, and industry experience. You will also be required to have certain technology skills. This may include the ability to use email, Microsoft Office, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, in addition to being able to browse the web, configure and run applications, and make audio recordings on a phone, tablet or PC. 

Check for exemptions

If you have prior work experience, previous study with another institution, or membership of a relevant professional organisation, you may be able to obtain advanced standing for one or more subjects you plan to study. You will need to show you have previously covered at least 80% of the subject content for advanced standing to be granted. 

Choose a subject

If you have a preferred subject you want to study, make sure you meet the prerequisites for the subject you are selecting. Also check the hours of study and the assessment timetable to ensure you are capable of successfully completing the subject. 

Check for assistance eligibility

Check if you or your employer will be funding the course. FEE-HELP may be available for those who are funding their own higher education studies. 

If you need help or are not sure about any aspect of the enrolment process, feel free to contact one of our Course Advisers on 1300 135 798 (option 1) or book a consultation here. 


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