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What Is A Master of Financial Planning? | Kaplan Professional

Considering a career in financial planning? Do you already work in the industry and want to upskill and specialise in specific areas? Kaplan Professional’s FASEA-approved Master of Financial Planning may be the ideal qualification for you.
In this post, we discuss what a Master of Financial Planning is, whether it’s worth completing the qualification, and what potential career opportunities there are.

What is a Master of Financial Planning?
Kaplan Professional’s FASEA-approved Master of Financial Planning is a higher education qualification set at the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level 9. This 100% online qualification has been developed in consultation with industry experts with a wealth of experience, ensuring practical and relevant learning rather than solely focusing on academic theory. The Master of Financial Planning consists of 12 subjects – 10 core subjects and two electives. It can […read more]

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Healthy habits when working from home

In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, we’re now able to connect from almost anywhere. This has had an enormous influence on how we communicate and operate, both personally and professionally. Improved technology means we now have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Working from home has now become the norm for many of us, so it’s essential to make your health and wellbeing a priority, particularly if you’re still trying to come to terms with your new situation.
Here are ten healthy habits you can implement while working from home.


Maintain a routine

It’s important to maintain a routine when working from home, especially if it’s for an extended time. It’s beneficial to keep consistency to your day, such as waking up at your usual time, having breakfast, taking your scheduled lunch break, and finishing on […read more]

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Why you should consider a career in mortgage broking

For some of us, choosing a career isn’t an easy decision. Whether you’re just starting out or making a change, mortgage broking is a career with opportunity and may be the right move for you. Firstly, what do mortgage brokers do?
Mortgage brokers are finance professionals that work in the middle between their clients and lenders to source the best loans suitable to their client’s financial situation. Mortgage brokers require great customer service, numerical, communication and organisation skills to balance multiple clients and lenders.
Now you know the basics of what a mortgage broker does, here’s why should you consider a career in mortgage broking.

Career progression:
Starting a career in mortgage broking won’t cost you thousands in tuition fees and you can generally establish a career within a couple of years. To become a mortgage broker […read more]

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How to balance your career, life and study

For most people, studying and education doesn’t stop at the end of school or university. Expanding knowledge throughout different stages of life is vital to upskilling in a career and professional and personal development. Whether you’re a new student or furthering your credentials, balancing study with your life and career can sometimes be overwhelming. While it’s natural you’ll feel the pressure juggling these important aspects of your life, the good news is there are small steps you can implement to help you manage.
Here are our best tips on how you can balance your career and study.

Plan in advance
Planning in advance is imperative to avoiding unwanted surprises when balancing study, life and career. It’s important to know your deadlines, appointments and social commitments in advance to plan your time efficiently. An up-to-date calendar highlighting […read more]

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Why insurance is a career for life

Being an industry of diversity and opportunity, it’s clear why insurance is an appealing career. Insurance is essential to everyone throughout life, making it a demanding industry with a variety of career opportunities worldwide. From working in life insurance, as an insurance broker or underwriter, there are numerous career paths to pursue.
Eager to know more about this rewarding industry? Here are our top reasons why insurance is a career for life.

The insurance industry has a variety of job opportunities and qualifications to start or advance your career. This provides you the potential to pursue an extensive range of career paths throughout your work life. There are opportunities to work in general insurance, life insurance, insurance broking, underwriting, claims, plus more. Within these categories, there are a variety of roles to suit different people […read more]

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Bouncing back from a setback

Everyone faces setbacks at certain times, some bigger and unexpected than others. The question is: How do you bounce back from these and get yourself back on track?

Sometimes setbacks can be out of your control and aren’t a personal reflection on you. If this is the case, try to stay positive. They’re only temporary and you can get through them. When experiencing a setback, keep in mind the following tips to help you through.

Let it out and let it go

Allow yourself to feel the downside of making the mistake but be sure to move on from the situation. We all have bad days; be rational … you’re not a failure. Be gentle to yourself.

Swallow your pride and listen to your body

We all have a competitive streak in us and we tend to take […read more]

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Never too late to switch lanes

Many of us have invested significant energy, money and time into our career. It’s normal to feel anxious and apprehensive at the thought of switching career paths. It’s crucial to keep in mind most people will work well into their late 60s and even up to 70 years of age.  In remembering this, it’s wise to reflect on your options and on an occupation you will:

Gain satisfaction
Find rewarding
See meaning in


Every once in a while you might find it difficult thinking about, and going into work. If this becomes a long-term situation, you may need to re-evaluate why you’re in your current role and what you’re looking for in your career path.
It’s crucial to take a holistic approach in why you want to change career paths, and how this may affect your work-life balance, […read more]

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How to be a good team player

It’s very easy to get lost in our own worlds and become complacent of our relationships with those in our team. Behind every great organisation there are amazing teams that drive the success of the business.

I can’t hear you
Communication is one of the key factors of how well a team will function.
To play your role, be sure to:

Listen actively
Ask questions when you need clarification
Confirm with team members that tasks have been completed and then move forward

Rapport is constantly developed as each individual contributes to the conversation. This creates an enabling environment where everyone can freely share ideas and work towards innovative solutions.
It’s crucial to establish effective and clear communication. If you believe there are any confusions, be honest and let your teammates know that you don’t understand the situation or task. This will […read more]

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The road to confidence

You know what confidence is when you see it, but the question is how do you become confident? More importantly, not only confident in yourself, but in all aspects of your life.
To put it simply, confidence is a combination of self-efficacy and optimism.

Self-efficacy can be defined as a person’s belief in their ability to succeed in specific ‘situations or accomplishing a task’. This can ultimately shape how you carry out your responsibilities, goals and challenges.
Self-efficacy can be broken down to the following factors of knowledge and skills:

Mastery – sustained effort and deliberate practice to achieve goals
Peer role models – looking for someone who is ahead of you, but not someone who doesn’t remember what it’s like to be in your position
Encouragement and support – look for those who can assist you to move […read more]

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Ending one week and preparing for another

With the week coming to a close we tend to look back and find it difficult to pinpoint what we have achieved. It’s important to reflect on your weekly achievements. Whether it be as small as completing those small administrative tasks you were hoping to get to, or meeting those tight deadlines and projects that have kept you on your toes since Monday.
In order to stay at the top of our game, you should bring everything to a close, recharge and start with a clean slate for another busy week to come.
Be humble, be proud
It’s important to reflect on what you accomplished within the five days of your working week.
Why? It’s proof to yourself you are awesome at what you do! It’s very easy to get down on yourself and to focus on […read more]

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