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Why insurance is a career for life

Eager to know more about this rewarding industry? Here are our top reasons why insurance is a career for life.

Being an industry of diversity and opportunity, it’s clear why insurance is an appealing career. Insurance is essential to everyone throughout life, making it a demanding industry with a variety of career opportunities worldwide. From working in life insurance, as an insurance broker or underwriter, there are numerous career paths to pursue.

Eager to know more about this rewarding industry? Here are our top reasons why insurance is a career for life.


The insurance industry has a variety of job opportunities and qualifications to start or advance your career. This provides you the potential to pursue an extensive range of career paths throughout your work life. There are opportunities to work in general insurance, life insurance, insurance broking, underwriting, claims, plus more. Within these categories, there are a variety of roles to suit different people and skills.

A diverse career is valuable for your development and you’ll gain a variety of skills along the way. Working in insurance allows you to take advantage of numerous opportunities and you’ll always have the potential to progress throughout different roles.

Learn new skills

Not only does the insurance industry offer a variety of roles, you’ll also develop new skills in each. Deepening your knowledge and enhancing your skill set helps you build your career and increases your chances of new opportunities in the future. Working in insurance requires great communication, organisation and customer service skills, as you’ll be working with large volumes of clients.

In some insurance roles, you’ll have the opportunity to learn skills in analytics, numeracy, sales, marketing, research and problem-solving. Take advantage when the opportunity to learn new skills arises. You never know where this can lead later in your career.


Insurance is a customer-focused industry and can be a rewarding environment to work in. If you enjoy customer service and are compassionate with helping people, then a career in insurance may be the ideal one for you. Everyone needs insurance at some stage in life, whether it’s car, health, travel or home and content insurance, through to more complex policies, such as life insurance. With your advice, you’re helping people get the best insurance needed for their individual circumstances. Working in a rewarding environment has great benefits and can keep you motivated throughout your career.


Career progression

When starting your insurance career, it’s not always essential to attain a university degree. In some insurance roles, you have the potential to start in an entry-level position and progress on the job. If you want to work in a specific area, such as general insurance, life insurance, or insurance broking, it’s recommended you complete a qualification. Although a formal qualification is not always required for many insurance roles, compliance training may be required by your employer.

Insurance provides you the opportunity to earn while you learn. Depending on your position, employers often put employees through courses or qualifications for their development, to meet compliance obligations, and to keep up with industry trends. Some insurance courses and qualifications are usually short and affordable, making it easier for you to continue learning which can help you develop into different roles.


The insurance industry is full of opportunities, including the possibility of excellent earning potential, a global career, and continuous demand.  Insurance is a global industry; therefore, you’ll always have the possibility to excel in your career at home or abroad. Everyone needs insurance throughout different stages of their life, which creates demand for worldwide career opportunities. Positively, no matter where in the world you end up working, you’ll always have the ability to progress your insurance career.

During times when the economy may be struggling, the industry will still be in demand as there’s always a need for insurance. Working in an in-demand industry provides security to individuals as there will always be jobs available. Earning potential can also be a great bonus to a career in insurance. Some roles within the industry are very high paying, and the more experience and qualifications you have, the more you can potentially earn.

If you’re an insurance professional, comment below why you think insurance is a great career. Your insight may inspire others to take up the same path!

If you’re considering a career in insurance, visit our insurance page for more information.


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