Coping with a bad day at work

You know what we’re talking about … we all have them. Yes, some more than others, but we’re all susceptible to a few days a year.

Bad days are demoralising. As things turn from bad to worse, you mope at your desk wishing you hadn’t of got out of bed in the morning.

So, what can you do about a bad day at work? Sometimes nothing can fix the mood or situation you’re in, but the below may turn a very bad day into an OK one.


Businesswomen doing paperwork in office


Put it into perspective

Somebody out there will be having a worse day than you (unless of course, you are having the worst day in the world). Stop, take a deep breath and remember what’s most important in life. Chances are that what you’re stressed about is nothing in comparison to what’s important in life. Life is too short to be under constant stress at work.

Take a break

Your office surroundings can be all too much when it’s not your day. The best thing to do is remove yourself from the environment. Whether it’s taking a short walk around the block or finding somewhere to sit quietly for a few moments, there’s a chance that a moment of respite will make the world of difference.

Confront the issue

We like the saying ‘do, don’t stew’. Is there something that’s really bothering you that you could probably just resolve by tackling it head-on? Do it. Chances are, it’ll go a long way to sorting it out.

Go home

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to fix your day. If you feel exhausted, teary, distressed or on the verge of snapping and saying inappropriate things, it’s a good idea to call it a day and go home. Let yourself rest and refresh for the next day. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Importantly, just accept the fact that not every day is your lucky day.

Have you had a bad day at work recently? How did you cope? We’d love to hear how you dealt with it.

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