How do I progress my career?

How do I progress my career? Six words that probably play on the mind of anyone, in any career, quite regularly… unless you’ve achieved everything and anything in your career (congratulations if you have!)


Whether you’ve just started out or have 30 years’ experience, you’re probably going to want to take the steps to move up the career ladder somewhere along the way.


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So, what steps can you take? We’ve put together a few tips to help you out.


  1. Ask for more work – Sounds crazy, right? Helping out others in your organisation or taking on more individual responsibilities increases your value. It also shows an interest and desire for you to help your organisation succeed, while showing that you value who you’re working for.


  1. Get noticed – Many people often underestimate the benefits of networking internally within their organisation. Basically, employers want people that they like, know and trust in positions of responsibility. Effective networking consists of developing rapport with people that may result in an exchange of goods, services or information. To get ahead in the workplace you need to be noticed for the right reasons.


  1. Get a mentor – A mentor can help guide you through your career by sharing their experiences and offering practical advice. Focus on finding a person who demonstrates the character traits you’d like to hone in yourself. It should be someone you respect and want to learn from.


  1. Take some risks – Take responsibility for your own career progression. Don’t waste time hoping for the best, or waiting for your organisation to notice your high-quality work.


  1. Upskill – Experience is paramount to anyone who wants to be well-rounded and competent throughout their career. However, to remain competitive, having the formal qualification credentials to back up this experience is crucial. Therefore, you should strive for a balance of both.


These aren’t the only tips though. There will be highs and there will be lows throughout your career. Most importantly, your journey is up to you. Best of luck with your chosen path.